Arianne Fisher

Graduate Research Assistant


About Me

I’m a clinical psychology MS student. I will graduate in the spring of 2018 and plan to pursue my PhD in clinical psychology.

I’ve been a science lover since I could barely speak, and I would live in outer space if they’d just hurry up with those colonies. In my (limited) free time, I enjoy photography, reading, drawing, live music, travel, and geeky TV shows.

Research Interests

Psychopathy, particularly the interpersonal functioning of psychopaths and psychopathy in females. The ultimate goal of my research is to find a successful treatment for psychopathy to improve the functioning of these individuals and decrease the associated antisocial behavior. I think this is an area of psychology where research is desperately needed, and I hope to address some of the gaps in our understanding of this condition through my research.

Current Projects

I recently defended my thesis, which dealt with how psychopaths perceive others and the ways empathy and early maladaptive schemas influence these perceptions. I am currently working on a follow-up to this study investigating behavioral outcomes related to these perceptions.